Designation:- Counsellor

Position:- 1

Location:- Ludhiana, Amritsar, Delhi & Cochin


Job Description: Counsellor:-
Visa counsellor performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Interview clients to obtain employment history, educational background and career goals
  • Identify barriers to immigration and assist clients with such matters as job readiness skills.
  • Advise clients on immigration process and other employment-related issues
  • Counsel the clients and determine the interest, aptitude and abilities.  Counselling will mainly be by email, telephone or face-to face counselling.
  • To provide regular follow up on inquiries received.
  • Providing assistance for rehabilitation and technical evaluation for the appropriate countries.
  • Provide consulting services to customers simultaneously helping in career planning.
  • Maintain the database for the clients interested in immigration.
  • You will be required to chase targets as per the terms & conditions of your employment.

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We have an opening in IT Industry for Delhi Locaton

Designation:- Tech Lead



What We Require:-

  • Excellent knowledge of PHP5, Python/ Node.js, HTML & CSS3, jQuery, JS
  • Well versed with MVC and OOP, expertise in some PHP/Python/NodeJs based framework is required. Knowledge of Codeigniter/ Laravel is a plus.
  • Knowledge of sockets and asynchronous processing is a plus.
  • Good Knowledge of relational and non-relational databases.
  • Excellent Understanding of RESTful APIs and services is a Plus.